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Company Outwards
Company Outwards is the first lesson for every fresh employee in 800 TeleServices. It is planned and organized twice a year by senior outwards companies and held in professional venues.
The new-comers to the company are divided into several teams at that time to complete stimulating and challenging tasks together to achieve easy and pleasant cooperation. They will yield substantial results from the teamwork, achieve self-discovery in the outwards and experience the unique culture of 800 TeleServices. Therefore they will collectivly integrate and establish their confidence in career development.
We have more than 1,800 employees. The rational management is the key to maintain the smooth functioning of the company. The efforts 800 TeleServices has made in team building is universally recognized. The company is always concerned about not only the work condition and personal development, but also lives of our employees. We want each one of them to have a healthy physical and mental development. We believe that in the harmonious atmosphere of teamwork, each employee of 800 TeleServices will make greater progress in their future career through the outwards training.
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