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Company Introduction

Founded in 1997, 800 TeleServices provides a comprehensive range of outsourcing call-center and E-Commerce solutions to some of the world's top fortune 500 and famous enterprises in China.

Anchored in Greater China with a strong understanding of Asian markets and societies, our experience, our regional capacity and our suite of services give us the expertise and flexibility to design and implement customized solutions that help our clients perform critical outsourcing call-center and E-Commerce tasks as effectively and efficiently as possible, increasing customer satisfaction and retention and maximizing customer returns and profitability.

Our combination of proven processes, technologies and people is the answer to your needs.

Fact Files

· Founded in May, 1997
· Headquarters in Shanghai
· Employs 2, 800+ employees
· 5 delivery centers across Greater China, including Shanghai, Kunshan, HongKong and Taipei
· Supports Mandarin, Cantonese, Minanese, Shanghainese, English, Japanese, and Korean
· Over 2 million transactions per month
· Long term service partner of over 20 international conglomerate clients

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