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Listed on "Advanced Technology-Based Service Enterprises"
Date:2010-2-10 15:09:05
800 TeleServices group has been recently awarded the honorable title "Advanced Technology-based Service Enterprises in Shanghai". Being a leader in the outsourcing call center and e-commerce industry in Greater China, 800 TeleServices group continually enhance her competitiveness through innovative technology and best services quality.
This award indicates Shanghai Government is well recognized 800 TeleServices' outstanding performance in call center outsourcing and e-commerce fields. Alex Wong, Group Chairman & CEO, commented: "Advanced technology and precisely process control ensure the delivery of first-class quality service. We are focusing on technology innovation, which enables 800 TeleServices to provide competitive call center and e-commerce outsourcings services and maintain leading position in the market."
"Advanced Technology-based Service Enterprises in Shanghai" is awarded every year, with the strict examination from District and County exports. This nomination was led by Shanghai Government, and co-certified by the Ministry of Finance, the State Administration of Taxation, the Ministry of Commerce, the Ministry of Science and Technology and National Development and Reform Commission. It is aiming to further promote Shanghai advanced technology-based services provider in technology innovation and technical service capabilities improvement. It has been positioned as the key accelerator to speed up the development of Shanghai modern service in this highly competitive market.

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