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Large-Scale Offshore Technical Supports for a Top International 3C Brand
Date:2010-5-1 14:34:31
Being a high-quality offshore outsourcing service provider in Greater China, 800 TeleServices has been offering 7 * 24 hours large-scale technical support services to a world-renowned 3C brand since March 2010. By means of telephone and email, 800 TeleServices provides board and accessories' sales support, purchase consultation, repair services, troubleshooting guidance, technical support, complaint settling, customer opinions and suggestions collection services.
800 TeleServices serves over Greater China including Taiwan and Hong Kong. Customers in Taiwan and Hong Kong can also enjoy our service through advanced telecom technology. Users in these places are able to enjoy the same level of high quality service standards offered by 800 TeleServices.
The project will be carried out in the Shanghai and Kunshan delivery centers parallelly. Due to the high technical skills requirements, 800 TeleServices put emphasis on recruiting and training through means of examinations. Additionally, a unique laboratory was built for this project. The laboratory is equipped with product prototypes for ad-hoc practice in order to enhance our staff's product knowledge and experiences with guidance techniques.
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