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New E-Commerce Projects in 2010 Q3
Date:2010-11-5 11:56:10

Starting from July, we have been providing full e-Commerce support to a Japanese health drink product available on Tao Bao Mall exclusively.
The client launched various promotion campaigns in July, including a press conference, a famous movie star endorsement and package sales etc. These activities have caused the page view and sales volume surged up significantly within a short period of time. Such high volume has brought extra pressure on order processing, customer service, warehousing and logistics process.
With all these challenges, the service quality and sales conversion rate were not affected but conversely, all the KPI were exceeding target. This outstanding result is attributed to the excellent advanced preparation that planned by the e-Commerce team of 800 TeleServices.
In fact, the operation team adopted extra training and a flexible manpower placement approach. 800 TeleServices also frequently monitored the performance of our warehouse and logistics partners so to ensure the backend support could cope with the high sales volume. As a result, we have received very positive feedback and the consumers have enjoyed a pleasant on-line shopping experience.

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