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The Second Family Fun Day of 800 TeleServices Group
Date:2010-11-5 14:43:21

The second "Family Fun Day" of 800 TeleServices Group was held on September 12th successfully in Shanghai. The main theme of this annual event is "With your passion, Energetic 800 TeleServices".
"People is our most valuable asset" is the core belief of 800 TeleServices and everyone is a member of our big family. This meaningful annual event is the best evidence of this belief and it rewarded all our family members.
A number of our staff showed their outstanding talent by performing on stage with dancing and singing in English, Korean and Cantonese. We also presented the 3 years and 5 years service award to the staff to acknowledge their significant contribution to the company.
We also held a "Charity Sales" to make a contribution to the 800 TeleServices Charity Fund in the form of a donation to the people that need our help in the society.

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