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Communication Platform for All 800 TeleServices Group Staff from Mainland, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Date:2011-3-28 12:05:04

In 2007, the first internal staff communication platform for all staff of 800 TeleServices, Rainbow Club, was launched in Shanghai. Rainbow Club has been warmly welcomed by the staff. In the last year, to cope with the rapid development of the company, weve witnessed several revamps, and now it takes on a brand new look which merges local characteristics of Shanghai, Kunshan, Hong Kong and Taipei, where the group delivery centers are located, to achieve the information sharing and communication among staff from Hong Kong, Taiwan and the mainland.

Currently the most welcomed columns on Rainbow Club:
Highly-Popular Columns: CEO blog, highlights of staff activities, team clubs
Super Skills Columns: internal job recruitment, staff suggestion, staff FAQ
Most Intimate Life Columns: food, accommodation and transportation sharing in Mainland China, Hong Kong and Taiwan
Best Learning Columns: staff training, knowledge and skills of customer service, technique enhancement skills

The 800 TeleServices Group  composed of young, dynamic and talented staff who have a strong thirst for knowledge, self-realization and skill enhancement. 800 TeleServices will continue to enhance the features of Rainbow Club, which integrates learning and entertainment, enabling staff from the mainland, Hong Kong and Taipei to share the joy of life, learning and communicate with each other.

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