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800 TeleServices' Charity Tour with the Chi Heng Foundation
Date:2011-3-28 14:12:02

800 Teleservices Group Chairman and CEO, Mr. Wong (second from right, first row)

Recently, the CEO of 800 TeleServices, Mr. Wong participated in a Charity Tour that was organized by Chi Heng Foundation in Beijing.

As one of the leaders in the outsourcing call center industry, the 800 TeleServices Group always keeps social responsibility in mind even as business soars, and is keen on helping the social welfare and harmony.

Mr. Wong said: " The 800 TeleServices Group has been keen to participate in the social welfare group since established. 800 TeleServices fulfills its responsibility and offers love to the society through its practical actions. In the future, 800 TeleService Group will keep on helping the unfortunate by putting intelligence into actions in the purpose of 'Chi Heng' ."

The Chi Heng Foundation was founded by Mr. To Cong, a former investment banker, in 1998. It wins support not only from various institutions in China and overseas, but also from the United Nations UNESCO, the Global Fund, Clinton Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation. Chi Heng has helped more than 10,000 AIDS orphans so far, including students from primary school, middle school, technical school, high school, college, as well as the university students.


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