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800 TeleServices Assists a World-Famous Market Research Company
Date:2012-8-10 10:28:34

Recently, 800 TeleServices signed a contract with a global famous market research company to provide outbound call services for the verification of raw data that obtained from field work of the research company. Such raw data will ultimately be used to create an accurate market trend analysis report.
The client is among the worlds foremost in market research, information and analysis industry. Over 100 countries and regions, more than 9000 (B2C) customers rely on this report to understand the competition and opportunities of their industry. Through the collection of large amounts of data plus specialized research tools and methods, the company analyzes consumers attitudes and actions, providing a reference for subsequent promotion strategies.
By being rigorous and details, 800 TeleServices will do their best at reviewing the collected data, aiming at 100% accuracy to guarantee the preciseness of the report.


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