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Our unique suites of service solutions not only enable your organization to focus on your core competencies, but also add value to your primary business objectives by:

  • Providing one-stop solutions to serve all Asia-Pacific languages including Mandarin, Cantonese, Shanghainese, Minanese, Japanese, Korean, and English
  • Building on the experience of over 10 years of proven Asia-Pacific track records with quality conscious and result oriented global leaders in their respective industries
  • Combining international management methodology with Asia-Pacific local cultural understanding
  • Supporting multiple communication channels (telephony, IVR, web, e-mail, facsimile, correspondence mail, etc.)
  • Leveraging a network of 5 contact centers in the Asia-Pacific region to provide service options of both cost-competitive offshore solutions and quality-centered onshore solutions
  • Improving service quality and ultimately brand image through efficiency, consistency and accuracy in handling customer contacts, accomplished by adopting the Standardized Operations Procedure (SOP) and the stringent quality assurance program
  • Adhering to global quality standards and adopting the practices of the world's best contact centers
  • Analyzing the nature of customer contact history and detail calls, thus enabling prompt reaction to market response as well as optimizing service processes
  • Providing a flexible operating environment that can accommodate dynamic shifts in volume, workload and staffing requirements

Our mentality of continuous reinvention and our experience in the contact center industry form the foundation of our success. An incomparably dedicated and motivated workforce does the rest.

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