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Network Security

800 TeleServices protect customers' information and data with a series of strict security measures:

  1. All workstations are located in a secured area that is only accessible using an access card. A database system will capture all IN and OUT activities of the area. The area is also under 24 hours surveillance by cameras and they are taped and kept for 30 days as reference if needed.
  2. All regional allocation of your password, only the relevant personnel to contact customers through the password information.
  3. All staff members have signed a legally binding confidentiality agreement.
  4. Except the account executives and supervisors, no CSR can copy data to a removable media or send a report to a printer to resolve security issues.

Data Encryption

800 TeleServices use the CISCO ASA serials hardware firewall, equipped with Intrusion-detection system. These firewalls are placed between company LAN and Internet WAN, used for authorizing and inspecting the traffic of company daily internet access requirement, protected LAN from the illegal intrusion of outside. Meanwhile, for the data exchange between 800 TeleServices and clients, we used point to point VPN as the first choice for data transportation, any data exchange without VPN should use PGP encrypt data first or use SFTP as the alternative methods.

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