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Our advanced technology gives our clients complete confidence and reliability. The whole infrastructure is technologically advanced and intelligent to keep you moving ahead in the increasingly competitive E-Commerce and business arena.

Platinum iEM CRM Solution

800 TeleServices' CRM mainly includes Inbound and Outbound systems and adopts the cutting-edge development tool in the industry, so as to realize the rapid & no-code development and shorten the system development circle greatly, furthermore, conduce to supervise contact center teams with concentrative dominant resources.

800 TeleServices use the award winning CRM solutions, namely iET CRM solution of Platinum Equity Holding platinum is a private held company.

iET is a suite of comprehensive off-the-shelf CRM software solutions designed for small and midium-sized businesses, particularly contact center. Ever since launched in 1996, iET has accomplished over 1,000 CRM solutions and currently support exceeding 600 active customers worldwide.

Customer Interaction Center(CIC)

800 TeleServices deploys well-known, award winning and technology proven customer interaction center system, which is a powerful all-in-one multimedia Interaction Center Solution which uses SIP technology and it has abundant capacity to accommodate further expansion, in order to achieve to service function and smooth development scope. it provides complete set of out-of-box contact center features to allow the contact center to be setup in a very short time frame. it equips with the following functions:

Private Branch Exchange(PBX) Automatic Call Distribution(ACD) Interactive Voice Response(IVR) Unified Messaging
Web Interaction Management E-mail Management Soft Phone Remote Connectivity
Multi-Site Capabilities Real-Time Supervision and Alerting Reporting Call Recording and Monitoring
Fax Services Text-to-Speech Recognition Database Connectivity Mainframe Connectivity
Voice Over IP ( VoIP ) Customization Predictive Dialing Agent-Side Visual Call Scripting

Based on the system solution, we initialed the development of the general media management system to centralize the management on client enquires via multiple channels including telephone, fax, voice message, e-mail and SMS etc.

Management Information Systems(MIS)

The other management information systems that 800 TeleServices is using include Recruiting System, Data Entry System and Staff Communication Center etc., which enable the company effectively and accurately handling the operation and data.

Report System

Our Report System mainly employs the Report Server and Crystal Report of MS-SQL2005, which can greatly improve the development efficiency and relieve the burden of the report server by its excellent data processing capability, web-based viewer as well as the subscription function. Our clients can easily access to the report system to obtain their required latest report on the Internet.

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